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Pengfei Group is the global export base of industrial kiln and energy-saving grinding equipment, the industry “One Belt and One Road” strategy and the “International Capacity Cooperation” model enterprise. With equipment general contracting capabilities such as equipment R&D, equipment installation, engineering commissioning, and technical services, the company has established innovative research and development platforms such as national technology centers and post-doctoral workstations, and is committed to research and development of new technology such as energy-saving,energy storage and comprehensive utilization of resources.Core technologies and production ability represents the industry leading level.  We completed the national industrial revitalization, the National Torch Program, the national key new products, the first set of major equipment, and independent innovation products identification 52; 25 effective invention patents, 4 PCT patents. We participated in the draft of 7 national standards such as "Rotary Kiln for Cement Industry", "Tube Mill for Cement Industry”and 18 industry standards such as  "cooling machine for cement industry". The leading product rotary kiln system, grinding equipment and cement production line have been in the forefront of the domestic industry for many years. It is the leading enterprise of China cement machinery and the advanced collective of the national building materials industry. The rotary kiln product won the national manufacturing single champion in the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in 2017. It has completed the construction of more than 100 cement production line projects and exported to more than 60 countries and regions including Vietnam, Indonesia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Pakistan, India, Ethiopia, Zambia, Algeria, Brazil, Colombia and Bolivia. More than 30 countries are involved in one Belt and one Road.
The main products: 
Rotary kiln system, grinding equipment and cement production line.
Rotary kiln system: including rotary kiln, cooling machine, dryer, preheater decomposition furnace, control system;
Grinding equipment: including vertical mill, roller press, tube mill, classifier, control system, etc.;
Cement production line: including EP/EPC engineering general contracting services of cement production lines such as 1000t/d, 2500t/d, 3000t/d, 5000t/d, and various types of grinding production lines with an annual output of 100,000 tons, 300,000 tons, 500,000 tons, 1 million tons, 2 million tons, etc. 
Business Scope:
Building materials field: complete sets of technologies and equipment such as cement, lime, high-phosphorus soil and aluminum-vanadium;
Metallurgy field: laterite nickel ore roasting kiln, lithium ore roasting kiln, gold ore smelting kiln, iron chrome reduction kiln, copper mine furnace, steel pellets,large-scale mining mill, vertical coal mill, etc.;
Chemical field: calcium carbonate, titanium dioxide complete technology and equipment, composite powder complete technology and equipment, nitriding furnace, coal efficient cleaning and upgrading kiln, coal-to-liquid, coal clean-dry distillation technology and equipment, oil sand shale oil extraction technical equipment;
Environmental protection fields: solid waste, hazardous waste, sludge disposal kiln, cement kiln co-processing waste technology and equipment,
One Belt and One Road: Pengfei Group has successively built 21 cement production line general contracting projects in  Mongolia , Azerbaijan , Vietnam , Uzbekistan , etc.;12 grinding station projects in Georgia, Kuwait, Bangladesh, Indonesia and other countries.The scope includes engineering design, civil construction, equipment complete sets, non-standard production, supporting supply and installation and commissioning. The contract value of the Rwanda project is US$136 million. The contract value of the Algeria project is US$68 million, and the contractual value of the total contracting project for the 1.2 million tons cement production line of Kazakhstan’s Alasim Company is US$120 million. The international market share of cement technology equipment and engineering general contracting has maintained growth for six consecutive years, which drives the design, construction, equipment and technology of China's building materials industry to “go global”.
Development goal: Waste heat energy storage utilizes key technologies and equipment systems for R&D. Conduct research on phase change heat storage materials, and carry out large-scale energy storage and comprehensive utilization of high and low temperature flue gas generated by large-scale kiln calcination system and power plant flue gas system. From the low end of the value chain to the high end, the core competitiveness of the business model is based on the core manufacturing, supported by the technological innovation system, with high-end manufacturing as the core and host-driven, complete service and engineering contracting. The enterprise is a new pattern of large-scale, intelligent, complete, and low-carbon green industries.
The use of solid waste resources is high. Focus on the development and promotion of urban waste, solid waste, hazardous waste technical equipment, comprehensive utilization of solid waste disposal products, to achieve high value application of waste resources.
 Energy-saving renovation of industrial furnaces. Accelerate the improvement of technology and functions of coal-fired kiln in the industry, and promote the energy-saving technical transformation of existing high-energy kiln. 
Realize the transformation of production-oriented enterprises into production service-oriented enterprises, the transformation from traditional manufacturing to intelligent manufacturing, the transformation of host suppliers to complete service providers, and the transformation from localization to internationalization, and the establishment of an internationally renowned R&D and manufacturing base for complete sets of equipment with core technologies.
We look forward to walking side by side and entering a new journey!
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